Saturday , 18 May 2024
Making the Floating Wall
  Shelves at Your Home

Making the Floating Wall Shelves at Your Home

Dual purpose decoration ideas are getting popular fast these days. The reason for this mainly is the need of more storage and a desire of making a home more practical place for the occupants. Floating wall shelves is an ideal way to increase the storage at home in a fantastic manner. You can place many of your daily used things neatly on these shelves and they can serve as a decoration item as well.

Anything that is moderately to light weight can be placed at these shelves. Your accessories, sewing box, stationary basket and many more things that you use more than once every day, can find a fantastic style of staying on the shelves. If you have not installed floating wall shelve at your home at different places, it is high time that you consider the option especially when the market is booming with many beautiful designs and choices.

Functionality: You may have experienced that taking out things from their boxes in a cupboard or cabinets needs a bit more time and effort. Many times when you are in hurry, you try to skip using something useful only because you do not have more time to go for that thing in the cupboard.

You put on your sock with a hole in it because the sewing box with needles and threads is somewhere deep in the cupboard and you are in hurry to go out.  Items like your sewing box find an easy-to-reach place on the floating shelves. Even after using an accessory you can place it back in a jiffy and the room is saved from being messy!

Decoration: Installing floating wall shelves for decoration helps you to maintain stylish decoration of your bedroom, living room or the hallway. There are glass shelves which look classy and elegant. You can install them for precious decorative items like your jewelry, framed pictures of your wedding, a small antique alarm clock etc.

Wood and plastic wooden shelves are also very common and offer a strong and spacious place for setting your decorating items.  Little indoor plants with delicate vines can be placed on the wooden shelves from where the vines can extend their arms down and look beautiful above your sofa or couch.

Choosing a Place: Choose empty corners or walls for installing floating wall shelves. Often the corners make a safe and snug place for your valuables. Placing a night light and China vases on these corner shelves is better than a mid-wall shelf. For placing your most feasible items choose a place that is within your reach with least effort. Awkward places that are higher than your arm length or you need to climb a piece of furniture to get there are not ideal for placing your frequently used objects.

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