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A canopy serves as a high cover providing shelter, such as cloth supported above an object. With a canopy, one could be shaded from various things especially weather conditions. The canopy is used in outdoor and serves a covering for people and other things that could be adversely affected by weather conditions. There are various kinds of canopies as the functions canopies serve differ though they are all of the basic function of serving as a high covering. An example of a canopy is the screened canopy.


A screened canopy is a kind of canopy that is used outdoors to serve as a high covering to people. There are times when people would love to spend their time outside their homes. During these periods, these people could relax beneath a screened canopy and just have a good time.

The screened canopy has the feature of creating a comfortable environment for people to relax. One could relax with families and friends, gist, eat, drink and just have a good time together. When going on picnics and camping, the screened canopy is a perfect option to serve as coverings.


Screened canopies are very durable as they last for a very long period of time. They are also a weather resistant as the prevent people from being affected by various weather conditions. Apart from this, they are also resistant to rots and are mildew proof. There are some kinds of screened canopies that are ideal for home owners, nurseries, farmers, trash haulers and truckers.

Apart from just humans, one could put other kinds of things beneath a screened canopy. An example is nurseries. Nurseries are baby plants that affected adversely by tough weather conditions. They do not have the ability to survive in these weather conditions that mature plants survive in. Hence to prevent them from dying, one can place them under the screened canopy.


Screened canopies are also beautiful as they are created in various lovely designs and are also available in different colors. With this, one can be able to make choices according to the color he desires.

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