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Stylish fabric headboard with your own hands

Stylish fabric headboard with your own hands

Fabric headboard designs

The headboard made of soft upholstery is not just a decorative element of your dormitory. Staying in bed doesn’t mean you should always be in a horizontal position. Sometimes you want to sit comfortably on it with a book in your hands or a notebook in your lap. However, without good spine support, you can only feel discomfort.

Cool wall thickness is not the most comfortable feeling. It will be a lot nicer to have soft and smooth to hard back support instead. Stylish fabric headboards are a symbol of comfort and convenience and an indicator of a certain, personal style of the bedroom.

In case you can’t find the fabric-upholstered unit you want to see in your dormitory, you can work on “updating” a traditional wooden headboard yourself. Choose fabric to your liking and use it to cover that stuff. This solution is ideal for unusual bedrooms and rooms for teenagers who love an unusual interior. You don’t have to do anything supernatural when working on a fabric headboard!

Just choose the fabric (wool is great, but cotton is great), choose a few matching buttons, and add a bit of elegance. Soon the refined decor will be ready. When choosing fabric for your headboard, you can choose the same material that your dorm curtains are made of. It will add elegance and perfect style to the room. The duvet can also be made of a similar material.

Stylish headboard made of fabric