Top Tips
  for Small Living Room Design

Top Tips for Small Living Room Design

Living room is the place in home where you put your soul and heart in decorating and furnishing.  It is a treasured space at home for every family member. Designing your living room with your balanced measures makes the place exclusive. Small living room design can be a challenge as the little space leaves you in front of little choices of furniture. You need to choose what accents your living room and proves to be comfy and practical at the same time.

Colors can be the first thing you mind when it comes to designing a small space. Choose bright colors combined with light shades to create a wide and spacious sense in the environment. Throw red with white and combine these two shades in wall-paint, upholstery, and floor rug. Other than white you can choose smoky, cream or very light hues of any other color.

Choose straight-line furniture. Sofa sets and tables in smaller size and simple design keep the space looking wide. Do not pile bulky cushions on the sofa or you will make the environment looking stuffy. Do not get extra chairs or stools for the corners. Sofa of a reasonable size and number of pieces is able to compliment your small living room design.

Wall décor in small living room design must be handpicked. Only small ornaments and miniature statues work best. Huge wall hangings or paintings must be avoided in every case.  Indoor plants and wines are excellent for corners. They do not take the space and add an airy feeling in the room.

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