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What are carport designs ?

What are carport designs ?

A carport is a structure primarily constructed to keep vehicles from other elements. These help protect the car temporarily from objects or situations that are not conducive for the functionality of the car. These structures can be attached to another structure like a house or stand independently at their own location. There are various types of designs a person could want to construct for themselves at home, workplace or in garages. It should be noted that these carports can be stationary or movable. Everyone cares about their vehicles and might be willing to protect them aver time.

Free standing carport designs

This is the carport that does not border any other structure for support or minimize the use of space. They are ideal for persons with large yards.  This design is likeable and easy to access whenever need arises as their location is not one that needs skills to access.

Attached carport designs

These are the type of carports that are supported by a third party; for example, a wall or any much stronger structure. Built adjacent to walls of garages and at home. They are much secure as more than two sides have to at least be covered. Bad weather and other elements are not a big problem as security is guaranteed.

Flat roof carport design

Tends to be the most economical among carport designs available in the market. They are constructed in different sizes. Their roof is literally flat on top. Almost common among homesteads and in the whole environment at large.

 The gable roof carport design

This is a perfect complement that can be used alongside various other structures and quite diversified house designs. This a carport that has two slopping sides and a gable at the center. It is somehow economical than most of the carports.

The cost of construction depends greatly on the material used in making them. That said, perhaps we should accept the fact that the durability, cost, maintenance and location of installation depends on the materials used in constructing the carport. Wooden carports tend to be much cheaper than metallic ones.