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Your Complete Guide for
  Choosing the Best Bathroom Countertops

Your Complete Guide for Choosing the Best Bathroom Countertops

In our today’s life a bathroom countertop has to be a utility that is practical and durable and not just a surface that is looking good. It needs to stand different chemicals and hazards that it faces every day. Make up items, shaving cream, hot curling iron and even toothpaste are materials and objects that can affect the surface of your bathroom counter top deeply. So when it comes that you remodel your bathroom and consider the counter top options, check the durability and upkeep option along with its cost. Options for bathroom countertops are numerous. The use is different than kitchen counters and that is the reason that you can get away with a wide variety of surfaces. Here are some famous varieties of bathroom countertops:

Granite Countertops
The shade and finish variety of these is wide. There are honed, polished and satin. Polished is shiny while honed is soft but satin has qualities in the middle of both. The cost depends on the origin of the stone, finish and its color varieties.

Natural Stone Materials
This category has soapstone, limestone and marble as most famous ones. But as these materials are porous, they get stained more easily than granite. They are fragile, too. Therefore the bathrooms with lesser traffic only are recommended to be remodeled with these options. Sealing stone countertops periodically is strongly recommended.

Engineered Stone Bathroom Countertops
The variety of this category is also wide. They are long lasting and need no maintenance. In cost they are same as expensive as granite.

Solid Surface
Though, this is a popular choice in bathroom countertops for being more durable and resistant to stains or crutches but hot iron for curling can scorch its solid surface. The color variety and its seamlessness convince the users to opt for it despite its vulnerability to hot iron.

Composite Marble Countertops
Not to be surprised for the popularity of these not durable bathroom countertops – they fit any tight budget. Composite marble is made with polyester resin and marble and comes with a glossy or matte finish.

Concrete Countertops
Concrete offers you full customizing ability – your sink and countertop both. But it needs certain care with which only it can stay looking novel and flawless. First, do not leave ay damp object on the surface for a long time as it will discolor the surface and seal it 2-4 times every year and wax it with wax every 2 months.

Wood Countertops
Wood counters are used where you need to match them with certain furniture but it is best to use wood countertops in powder rooms because water in bathrooms can damage the wood.

Laminate Countertops
These are the most affordable option and you can find versatile colors and designs in them. With maintenance requirements, these are very practical but keep the hot iron away as it can damage the surface.
There are other options also like tempered bathroom countertops which are classy and modern and ceramic tiles. You choose your bathroom countertops that suit your home decor and are practical for you.

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