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A Suitable Patio Fireplace

A Suitable Patio Fireplace

The patio fireplace is able to decorate any place among of your patio. How to pick and choose one from a huge variety of shapes, materials and colours that exist now? What are the main types of patio fireplaces? What will be better only for your patio? Here is some help for you.

Types Of Fireplaces: Wood burning pation fireplace – the most common variant, which creates a special feeling of warmth in any room. Traditional fireplaces are built from a natural stone or brick. For example, an English-style fireplace.

Gas fireplace. The flame is supported by fuel or liquefied natural gas supply. Electro-fireplace. This type does not require fuel. It is available and safe for both inside and outside patio. It is very convenient and easy, but it will not provide you with a real natural fire.

Eco-fireplace. Type of the fireplace, which is designed according to the new technologies of the 21st century. Special fuel plant does not produce smoke while burning, as a result no ashes and soot. This fireplace requires no chimney, and it can be installed anywhere.

Furnace Type: Open type fireplaces. Here, the flame is lit, no fence is necessary, except that only a decorative frame. These fireplaces have mostly aesthetic character. Closed fireplaces. Combustion is isolated and closed with heat-resistant door. And admire the burning fire can be only through the glass furnace.

Way Of Installation: Built-in patio fireplace is recessed into the wall to the veneer. It can only be installed in while building or absolute redecoration. Wall-by patio fireplace is a patio fireplacewhich back stands close to the wall. This patio fireplacee may be installed in any place of your patio.

The island patio fireplace is detached, located away from all walls. This patio fireplacecan be a round-shape with the full view when the flames can be seen from all sides.

Corner patio fireplace is specially designed to be placed in the corner of the patio.


Choice of the patio fireplacedepends on the place and features. The patio fireplace can be a decorative center premise, and can perfectly complement and balance the whole atmosphere.

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