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Adirondack Chair – A Comfy
  Piece of Furniture for Your Garden

Adirondack Chair – A Comfy Piece of Furniture for Your Garden

Soaking in the sun in winter and enjoying cool evening breeze in hot summer days is an unparalleled joy for everyone. Lush green grass tickling under your bare feet with your eyes prowling in the clouds for weird images; you breathe calmness and feel tranquil.

Your Adirondack chair is your best mean to maintain a comfortable sitting outside. These chairs are styled to rest your legs and back in a way that you rest your whole body on them without needing the assistance of anything else. You may place a soft cushion on the seat to increase your comfort but over all a single chair fully suffices you to rest in the open air without worrying about anything.

Variety of Designs and Colors: Adirondack chairs were first introduced back in 1905 when the design options were limited but the chair for its high level of functionality and fast spreading fame, multiplied in its designs. Some have extended seats that you can spread your legs comfortably while sitting without touching the ground. This became a unique design among the users for its practical features and comfort level. Soon other designs also appeared in the market with a little difference in its shape of back and arms.

The most favored color of Adirondack chair is any shade of brown wood but since the man-made materials came to existence, other colors like red, white, green, blue etc. also joined the variety. It is your home garden’s theme and your personal choice that you pick a certain design or color but one thing remains crucial about the Adirondack chair that they all are the best piece of furniture for your garden.

Making Your Own Adirondack Chair: Adirondack chairs are simple in their design and making them at home is not a big deal. The straight back and straight seat does not need form you to face any difficulty in building a couple of Adirondack chairs for your garden.

Take cedar planks with thickness of 1 inch. Measure your back plank, arms, legs and seat planks. Screw them together with deck screws. Keep the measurement of your entire chair planks recorded if you want to build more than one chair and in case your friends request you to tell them how did you make your chair, you can guide them with basic info that you have.

The left over planks can be used to make a small fantastic table that comes very handy when you sit outside. You can place your evening tea mugs on it or place your mobile phone or lap top there for a while; you rest peacefully on the Adirondack chairs reducing the strains on your eyes by looking at the lovely nature around you!

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