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Find a minimalist house design

Find a minimalist house design

Minimalist house design is one that is ideal for the setting. It is made from natural materials which are locally sourced and has solar heating which is passive. In many of the places the traditional building techniques are forgotten and replaced by materials which are manufactured by industries and do not have any environment impact. Some of the architects in these places are trying to build small houses that will be good for the place like those of old.

Minimalist House design as per the old tradition: The house that an architect is trying to build in a place consists of an area of 524 X48.7sq ft and has a tree that is growing right through the centre. One part of the house includes the kitchen, living room and dining room. The other half of the house includes the entrance, bedroom and bathroom. The entrance is also used as the home office. There are sliding doors which extend from the ceiling to the floor and open to the outdoors.

There is a door in the barn style which separates the bedroom from the other living space. The bed is placed directly under the skylight. The bathroom is built with a walk in design where the toilet and shower are separated by a vanity.

Advantages of a Minimalist Design for a House:Today the trend is for minimalist houses which included the bare essentials. Minimalist house design tries to do away with unnecessary flourishes and details and have the bare necessities that are needed for functioning. This will help in a clutter free house where clutter will be stored in concealed cabinets and hefty closets. This will leave you with peace of mind as everything is spic and span. You will also save additional expense on little accent things that you do not purchase.

How does minimalist house design help? Minimalist house design helps in getting rid of unnecessary clutter like wall art, pillows and throws. It helps you to have lot of open space making the house look larger and inviting. Minimalist design is ideal for stress free living where natural light can enter in a minimal interior.

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