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Arranging a basement bathroom

Arranging a basement bathroom

Ideas for the bathroom wall in the basement

Setting up a bathroom in the basement can cut your project costs by over 30%. This economic efficiency is made possible by the close proximity to the water pipe and sewage collector. You save expensive pipes and fittings. In addition, the piping would require the integrity of the intermediate floors to be compromised, which can compromise their strength and lead to cracks. If you do the plumbing yourself, you should at least seek advice from a qualified professional.

It will be a kind of “hedge” against possible mistakes and save money. To install a bathtub for the bathroom in the basement, you need to choose a place that will require minimal renovation and will be close to the water pipes. The best option may be a small room in the corner, lined with baffles made of any cheap material, such as sheet metal. B. waterproof plasterboard, can be equipped.

The electrification of the bathroom in the basement is recommended to hire a professional electrician: this area of ​​high humidity requires special electrical equipment and equipment. The floor can be made of cement: this is the easiest, cheapest and most traditional way of laying this area. It’s not the aesthetically pleasing option, but you can use special mat-lined water-repellent carpets. Even if you put them over the unpainted cement floor, the bathroom will look festive if the carpets are light colored and have an unusual texture. You can also tile the floor with large tiles and choose the smaller ones for the walls.

Setting up the bathroom in the basement

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