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The cottage garden practice and its usefulness to our time

The cottage garden practice and its usefulness to our time

Gardening can be done in our homes to suit our need and what we intend to achieve. Gardening is primarily a form that has a traditional root which cottage is gardening. But a lot has changed overtime with the approaches taken in the recent garden pattern. Here, we’ll look at what cottage garden was and how relevant it is today.

An overview of cottage garden practice

From the earlier times of gardening, cottage gardening is the common practice. This is the tradition and informal form of gardening. The gardening was designed to have an approach to cater for some food needs. It is characterized by heavy plantations and food products such as vegetables, ornamental plants and fruits. They were the prevalent crops grown in this practice. Though flowers were grown, it was insignificant. These edible foods most times are taken as subsistence kind of farming sort of.

But as time passes there is a change in this trend to beautification and flower decorations instead.

The backyard garden is well suited for cottage gardening

Though it appears cottage gardening is fast disappearing, yet few people still practice this. If you are interested in having one, your backyard can be the best place to use for cottage even if you have the front end of your compound with flowers and layout plans. Annual plants and vegetables can be planted in your cottage garden.

Comparing Cottage garden with the contemporary gardens

Contemporary gardening is a mile apart from the traditional cottage garden practice, though there still remain some similarities.

Cottage gardening is more of edible food planting; it is also done in a layout to the manner that still carries some beautification just like in the contemporary designs.

The contemporary garden is different today for the various designs of sections such as the lawns, edging, paving and plant types. It is more of an attractive place to play around in. What is in mind in the contemporary garden is aesthetic and beautification whereas in cottage practice, it is plantation which actually does not exclude flowers, though.