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How to Change the Exterior Window Trim

How to Change the Exterior Window Trim

Not everybody can understand when the exterior window trims needs to be changed. If you touch it and you find that it is soft like a sponge then, it is time to change it. All these things need to be attended to before the winter sets in. A rotting window trim cannot be left during winter as water can seep in.

Replacing of Exterior Window Trim

If the rotting exterior window trim remains unattended then water can penetrate into the sheathing. This can lead to insulation getting rotten and mold making its home there. This will also affect the surrounding wood structures, so it is better to replace it as soon as it is noticed.

The cost of the labour for this work is $350- $500 and you have to contact the people handling the job and know when they can attend to it. If you are a person who is handy with tools then you can attend to the problem yourself. Get the window trim to the required measurement from the local store and using drill and driver you can fix it without too much trouble.

Ways to replace the Exterior Window Trim

Exterior window trim can be easily replaced. The first step is to find out which portion of the window trim is rotten. There are some windows that come with a flat board as well as a decorative trim. If you touch the window trim with a screw driver and find it soft and spongy, then you know it is rotten and has to be removed.

When you have noted the part that is rotten, you can take a pry bar and remove the rotted portion. Once the boards are removed and you can get a measurement of the trim. When you can see the proper layout, get a picture. After you have cut the trim boards fit them into the place where the rotten boards existed and screw them up.

Getting the Exterior Window Trim from Local Supplier

Once you have learnt the size of the window trim go to the local supplier and get it cut from him. If you face doubts about any of the fitting ask the fellow at the local store for advice. Then get the trim and have it fitted as per his instructions. After it is fitted insulate it to preserve it.

If you want to attend to your exterior window trim, check out the ideas above so that you can attend to it yourself and get it properly fitted.

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