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Choosing the appropriate deck tiles will make a difference for your deck

Choosing the appropriate deck tiles will make a difference for your deck

Choosing a deck tile

The look on your deck’s surface can tell the type of material used. Decks are covered on the floor with tiles of various designs, of materials and composition. The choice of the tiles you decide for your deck will rely on your design style and the comfort sought. Cost is also an influencing factor in the choice of tiles used for the deck. Let us take a look at some of the various tiles available on the market for a choice.

Composite wood tiles

For any weather condition suitable type of tile, the composite deck tiles are about one of the best in the pack. It can withstand the ash nature of snow, rain, and ice. It is less tough compared to pure ipe wood and requires not much maintenance. It does not fade easily also.

Granite tiles

This is a hard and durable material. It has high stain resistance and prevents slipping when on it. Further treatment with sealer is required against harsh weather for the granite tile.

Ipe wood tiles

Ipe is hard and has good fire resistance and appears the hardest of the wood. It has resistance to molds, rot, insects and decay. It is durable and able to withstand extreme weather- they don’t warp or twist.

Teak deck tiles

Teak is very tough and hard type of wood though not as much as ipe. It is very good weather resistance strength is a factor for its use as a material of choice for deck tiles design. It is also known to not twist or warp.

Maintenance and determining factor for choice

Deck tiles require that frequent maintenance is made on them to keep their forms and be available for long use. This can be through the application of stains at intervals of years.

When choosing your choice in deck tiles, you should be mindful of the best in anti-slip designs. This will serve as a check and protection for the users of the deck from getting hurt at any point time when on the deck.

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