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Some Ideas For Contemporary
  Patio Outdoor Umbrellas

Some Ideas For Contemporary Patio Outdoor Umbrellas

When you think of patio outdoor umbrellas, the very first idea you have is about the quality and build of the overall structure that can stand tall in the breeze and in the drizzle. The next thought is about the elegance and the aesthetic beauty, which will definitely vary from home to home and outdoor to outdoor. The primary features are two things, that is, quality and build and beauty.

Looks:  In the quest to find some ideas we stumbled upon the following pictures. These cover briefly the trend in the market and the outdoors. The material is usually plantation grown teak wood that is durable for the holders. A complementary quick-drying twitchell fabric goes well with the wooden structure. This is suitable for pool side seating areas as well as on the roof where you have chances of water splashing or light drizzles, if in the lawn. Take care that the teak wood is burnt in kiln so that it is completely dried and withstands expansion and contraction. Twitchell, is a fabric that is designed to withstand all these elements of nature.

Formats: Then there are other variants that are based of metal chassis instead of wood and complement your sleek and stylish modern furnitures made of brushed aluminium and other laminations. The fabric of the outdoor umbrellas must always be all-weather resilient and take a note of the material from its specification sheet. This stretched fabric can be bundled with an aluminium frame coated with powder coating to give a nice finish and save from abrassion. It is even better if they are fade resistant and dyed in 100% solution to prevent stains so easily. Some are also come with about 90% UV protection, suitable for beaches.

Your outdoor umbrellas can have a central support with a height balancing feature, or might come with a side support with a protruding hanger that holds the stretched fabric from the sides. The latter can have various orientations with a rotating axle to change its angle and definitely an extensible holder as well as the spread might add to the flexibility and overall functionality.

The placement of your umbrella and its combination with the furniture like cushioned resting or arm chairs also matters. If your sitting area in in a lawn, you might choose a bright and floral pattern for your umbrella fabric. In case it is on a pool side, calm and bright colors, both are a good choice. Whether it is the roof or on your stone paved porch, try to get an umbrella that complements the exterior. There are various shapes and sizes like  triangles of lotus leaf shaped umbrellas that provide individual shade and swivel.

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