Wednesday , 17 July 2024
Modern Living Room Design
  Ideas for Your Home

Modern Living Room Design Ideas for Your Home

Modern living room designs ideas are greatly influenced by the color schemes you bring in your interior. Mostly there are two ideas that help you decide. One is light color ideas and second is warm rich color ideas. If you go for light colors keep all the combinations in light shades. You can blend two or three different colors that complement one another but do not mix in it dark colors.

Some light shades are classy for modern living room designs. For example grey in its lightest hue teamed with white or pale green goes well. Choose curtains in pale green, floor rug in grey, the sofas in any light shade and walls can either be grey or grey and white partnered together. Your options in white colors are variant with little change in the combinations you can make your interior elegant.

Warm bright colors are also trop in trends for modern living room designs ideas. Though red is a pretty bright color but matching it with white mutes down spazzy aura and makes it soothing to the eyes. Make the combination specially in the wall paint style. Regarding the furniture add only red cushions on the sofas and a floor lamp with a red lampshade. It will be better if you find a pair of lamps. One for each corner in your living room! Do no use red more than white because it will make you living room the opposite of soothing.

Curtains can be a blend of red with white or keep the valences only in red shade.

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