Sunday , 16 June 2024


There are many things to consider when deciding bathroom flooring. The first important aspect is the durability. Bathroom floors should be highly durable as the usage is extremely rough. Also the floors should be attractive that can provide people with pleasure and positive feelings.

If the flooring is dull and not attractive this will obviously lead to negative feelings and vibes. One of the best bathroom flooring options is using ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are known to be solid, textured and waterproof. Hence it’s best if used as bathroom flooring.

There are many different types of ceramic tiles that come in various sizes and designs. Second best bathroom flooring options is using vinyl sheets. Vinyl has thousands of style options so the bathroom tiles look stylish as well as trendy. Also these vinyl sheets and tiles are very cheap and that is the reason why is it used so much nowadays as bathroom floorings.

Third best bathroom flooring options is using stones and engineered wood. Stones like marble, granite and limestone are widely used because there is no moisture problems associated with it. Also engineered wood is the best choice for flooring.

Laminate bathroom flooring is also a great option by using oak, pine or even stones. Pine looks cleaner as it reflects light better. While oak is the wood grain which looks elegant and stylish when used as floorings. Other options for bathroom flooring could be solid hardwood or even carpets. However carpets are not a good choice.

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