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Give your Window a Treat with Window Panels to fit

Give your Window a Treat with Window Panels to fit

Treatment in windows: A brief look: Window treatments are adorable decorations we can give to our windows and as well give our interior décor a touch of spice and glamor. We can make it a hard treatment with shutters and blinds or go with the softness of treatments in the shades, drapes, panels and curtains if that is your style. Whatever the case, you can have them both when the time requires for one. They are two design styles that the function of one may not play the role of the other.

Fabrics are soft and with distinct qualities: Fabrics are what define a soft treatment compared to the hard treatment where really hard materials like wood, plastic and vinyl are the defining material. Fabrics are soft, textured, smooth, and have a soothing feel when feeling with parts of the body. You have them in different grades of colors and prints of all kinds. The variants of cotton, silk, and polyester are a popular group among types of fabrics used by many for their window treatments.

Window panels are just like your curtains and in fact very difficult to separate between the two. The terms are often used by people interchangeably to mean the same thing. Curtains actually encompass all of your soft window treatment types mentioned above. Panels are narrowed form of curtains.

Panels and contemporary types: Panel on their own are a stretch of fabrics of a unit length edged at the bottom and hung on the front of the window. You can have it tie-topped or even have it in a set of lengths that form a series of the panels.

Window panels vary in design materials. The silk and linen materials are a common use for panels. Tailored Linen-panel is light and gives much allowance for the penetration of sunlight to the room. They are minimal in design. The panel design on rings with either of linen or silk material prevents the view from the bottom of the window but gives space for the exposed top to serve the view purpose.

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