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Make your Garden Comfortable with wicker garden furniture

Make your Garden Comfortable with wicker garden furniture

Wicker garden furniture is ideal for relaxing in the garden during summer evenings. If there is a parasol then this wicker furniture can be kept out in the garden during the summer months. Wicker furniture that is hand woven on aluminium frame is long lasting and does not fade so is perfect for the garden.

Three Piece Wicker Garden Set: It is designed in the contemporary style with two wicker chairs which are hand woven on an iron frame to provide comfortable sitting arrangement in the garden. The cushions are made of water resistant material which is well padded for comfort. The table made of wicker is sturdy and just right for the garden setting. If you feel like having dinner out in the garden the table is just right for the purpose. The colour of wicker set is dark brown. The height of the chair is normal.

Benefits of Wicker Furniture: Wicker garden furniture has an earthy natural look which matches well with patios and gardens or any outdoor spaces. It is made from a vine called rattan and is durable. It is tough but gets soft when heated. Wicker chairs are light and can be easily moved around and last for 15 years.

They are safe for children and easy to maintain. Wicker chairs are easy on maintenance and can be cleaned with a brush. For thorough cleaning a damp cloth can be used. To last for years they should be kept away from direct sun or rain.

Wicker Furniture Ideal for Garden: Hand crafted wicker furniture is resistant to mildew, cracking, tearing, staining, rust, fading and sagging. Wicker furniture is engineered for the outdoors with powder coated aluminium frame on which the wicker cane is woven. High quality wicker does not fade and can last for many years.

There are lot of designs in wicker chairs that you can pick for your garden. There is wicker furniture for all occasions like dinner set, sofa set, coffee set and a lot more. Quality wicker will provide you with a classy look.You can get the best of wicker garden furniture to serve multiple purposes like relaxing and having dinner in the garden.

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