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Flagstone Patio for a Natural Look

Flagstone Patio for a Natural Look

Flagstone is a good material for a patio as it has narrow joints which allow the water to infiltrate. It comes in red, grey, brown and blue and you can choose any one of the colours to match your setting. It provides a natural organic look and is slip resistant which makes it very convenient for patio. Have a flagstone patio which is durable and will last for years.

The Different Ways those flagstones can be set for a Patio: Flagstone patio can be set up in a formal or informal way. If you want to give your patio a formal look the flagstones should be cut in rectangular shapes and fixed in symmetrical order in a repeated pattern. While for an informal look, different shapes of flagstones are taken and arranged randomly. It is also known as crazy paving.

You can have flagstones arranged in a rectangular pattern and the edges can be mortared so chairs can be easily slipped in and out from the dining table. This unique flooring can be installed in your dining room providing an organic setting.

Flagstone Patio: A Cost-Effective Option ? Crazy paving is fine for outdoor patio where you can have wooden furniture that is sturdy for seating. Flagstones provide a nice setting for the patio but are a little expensive. Depending on the location and the number of flagstones required is the cost involved.

They cost anywhere between $15 -$30 per sq.ft. Very often home owners mix concrete, manufactured pavers and bricks while setting up a patio. The expense involved in the way flagstones are set should also be taken into account.

How a Stone Patio can enhance the Look of your Home: You can give your home a nice look with stone patio. The stone can be slate, or limestone which can withstand the weather and the foot traffic. These stones can be fitted like the bathroom tiles. You get the base ready fit the stone with the help of another man since it is heavy. Leave a space of 3/8 inch between the joints and feel it.

If flagstone patio is within your budge then go ahead and enjoy its benefits or choose another option.

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