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Have Flower Beds and add colour to your Home

Have Flower Beds and add colour to your Home

When it comes to flower beds, it rests with you how you set it up. You have to prepare the soil, choose those plants which are late blooming like coreopsis, yarrow, echinacea, sedum and salvia which have vibrant colours.

How a Flower Garden can enrich your Surrounding? Everybody likes to have a garden and enjoy the vibrant colours and the fragrance around them but it is not a simple task and many times when work mounts you give up. So to avoid such a situation it is better to start with a small flower bed and then improve as you gain experience.

A small area of thirty square feet is just the right size for somebody to try their hand at gardening. This area will be enough for about 15 plants, maybe some annuals and some perennials. If the area you live is too hot choose a spot that gets sun and shade so that the plants can come up nicely.

Ways to set up flower Beds: Go round your property and choose the spot that you like to have your flower bed. Then weed the place and prepare the soil. It is best to dig about 4 – 5 inches with a flat shovel to remove the grass and the sod. Then water and start growing the plants you have bought. You will have to mulch regularly to prevent grass from coming up.

You can start a flower bed in the beginning of spring or in the fall when the grass in not around. The area can be filled with water. On top of this put 6 -7 inches compost, and on top of it straw. Then plant the flower bed straight away.

Where to plant the flowers: Flowers should be planted within view. You should be able to see them from the terrace, patio or decks. Spare a thought to the neighbours and the passer-by, how they will look at your garden. Have a nice edge to your garden the best way you like it and water the plants regularly so that they start growing. Have the plants as high as you like and then trim them. If you want to enhance the look of your home with a garden then glance above and see how to set up a flower bed and start.

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