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How to Install Inground Pools

How to Install Inground Pools

Inground pools can be installed using different materials. The cost of the installation depends on the material chosen for building the pool. The three materials that can be used in the construction are fiberglass, vinyl and concrete. There are different options available for constructing fiberglass pool. They are, the basic installing, assisted installing, turnkey installing and self-installing.

Installing of Fiberglass Pools

Self-installing is the best option for anybody who knows to install a pool as he will stand to salve$6000 – $10000 in the process. When you book the shell of the pool you have to see if the delivery charges are included in the cost or get a written bill for the delivery cost. The cost of the smaller one is $9K -13K the large one $16K – $24K and the middle one is $12K-16K, beside delivery charges   will be $600 – $2500.

Many of the homeowners prefer to leave the installation to the professionals. In the case of assisted installation, the plumbing, pump, filter system and labour to set and level the shell and attend to all the plumbing and backfill of the pool is done. All the other labour, materials and equipment is paid by the customer.

Gunite – Another of the Inground pools

Gunite is one of the most popular swimming pools if you are setting one in your backyard. It can be set in any shape and is one of the most durable. This pool uses framework of rebar which is sprayed with a sand mixture and concrete. Using this method you can create a swimming pool in any shape.

How are vinyl pools set?

Vinyl pools that are installed have a sheet of vinyl between the water and the structure of the pool. The top edge of the vinyl liners which is called the bead is locked into the track which is located at the end of the coping which is situated at the deck level. Under the liner is the floor of cement or sand which has the same dimension of the liner that is used. The floors rise up to meet the walls which are made of 3ft by 8ft panels which are made of thermoplastic or steel which is galvanized.

If you are interested in, inground pools choose anyone which is within your budget and have it installed.

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