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Keeping Your Baby Close to You
  in a Comfy Bedside crib

Keeping Your Baby Close to You in a Comfy Bedside crib

Becoming a mom is the most amazing feeling a woman can experience in her life. The excitement of having a baby of yours in your arms and finding the opportunity to share your life day and night with him cannot be described in words. When the time comes to sleep you get worried about your baby. What if he wakes up at night thirsty for a sip of water or needing to change his pamper? What if he cries and you do not hear him? These and many other little worries convince you to have a bedside crib and keep your baby in your care and protection all the night.

Design and Style
It is not only the style and design matching that you care for when you get a bedside crib. There is a more important factor and that is comfort of your baby and your easy approach to him at night. The nearer you are to him the easier it is for you to approach him in case he cries or chokes while asleep.

The reputable brands create new designs and styles trying to make it easier for the parents to keep the baby next to them while sleeping at night. You can find many different sizes and plans in bedside cribs to choose from. There are cribs that can be folded and carried to any place you are traveling to. The option of fixing one side or unfixing it is also there. You can unfix the wall when you keep at night so that your baby is at your side. During the day when you leave the baby sleeping alone in the crib, fix the wall and he remains secure in the crib.

Care of the Bedside Crib
Keep the crib of your baby always clean and spread in it a plastic sheet beneath the fabric sheet to avert any liquid to seep to the mattress. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave any stuffed toys next to your baby and always make the mattress soft but firm. Hanging a toy mobile on the crib is a good idea it improves baby’s vision and eye focus. Keep the crib covered with a thin net from the top any time when you are not around. This saves him from being vulnerable to any flying insect.

Bedside Crib Size
Although a bedside crib is for a baby but there are different sizes of it. Different companies and brands have introduced many different shapes and sizes of it. Do you want to keep your baby for a longer time next to your bed? Get a bigger bedside crib! This stays a practical and comfortable crib for your baby until he is big enough to sleep in the nursery alone.

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