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Keeping Your Posture Right
  with an Ergonomic Office Chair

Keeping Your Posture Right with an Ergonomic Office Chair

“Ouch,” you just can’t bend comfortably after sitting for long time on your office chair working on the files. With your hands both at your sides you try to stand straight and bend again but the searing pain in your back is averting you to feel comfortably flexible for bending and standing straight.

This is an alarming condition and you need to take a notice fast or you are going to damage your back for no good reason.  Look for a chair that is ideal for your back and your body joints do not go cranky after you sit on it for long hours. Once you are going to spend some effort and cash to get an ergonomic office chair to sit on for your entire office work, you are not going to fear damage for your backbone. Here are a few top important points you need to mind in your ergonomic chair when you buy it:

The seat pan should be the exact size of your thighs till your knees – no longer and no shorter. If not full then three quarters of your thighs must comfortably settle on the seat pan. If the eat pan is adjustable, you have the option to adjust it full thigh length or three-quarters length. Pick any length that suits you at a time and keep your seating option always fully comfortable.

Get an ergonomic chair that swivels easily so that you take the notice of things around without needing to stand and turn frequently.

Height of the seat must be adjustable, too. Some days you want to rest your feet firmly on the ground and placing your arms on the table while working. While in other days you may like to increase your chair’s height for a more controlled table working option and keep your feet on a footrest. Changing options at different times is neither a bad idea nor does it affects badly on your back but your chair must allow you to adjust its height.

There must be a cushioned and curved lower back support in your ergonomic chair. It should adjust backward or forward at times of need. There are fixed chairs also available but adjustable is better as you can change it according to your changing needs.

Large back support of your chair keeps your shoulders at rest. Apart from the large back, your seat should also be larger than your hips and thighs by one inch at least. This extra size increases the comfort of sitting.

If your chair keeps your body at its comfort and flexibility after one hour to two hours’ sitting, then your ergonomic chair is perfect for you.

Keeping the above top features fully present in your ergonomic chair is essential to reap the right benefits of the chair. So, make sure that you check your chair well before your buy it.

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