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Kohler bathroom sinks collections

Kohler bathroom sinks collections

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The American company Kohler manufactures Kohler sinks, toilets, bidet, bathtubs and even ceramic fittings for bathroom furnishings in the same style. All products from this brand are true works of art in plumbing. The company develops the design of various collections. Each of them has their style, features that the others don’t, their price range, specifications.

The purist collection of Kohler washbasins for the bathroom, fittings for washbasins, showers and bidet is kept in a minimalist style. Depending on the shape and style of the sink, you can choose a mixer with a single-lever mixer, standard or high, which is ideal for large sinks with a rectangular shape. Smooth, angular washbasins from this collection transform your bathroom into a real SPA.

The Kohler flat sink will perfectly complement the minimalist elegance of the bathroom. Kohler’s Tresham collection sinks are the triumph of simplicity in classic American design. Rectangular lines and a wide base of the furniture provide plenty of additional storage space for bathroom accessories and can even replace a dressing table.

The sinks in this collection have special edges that prevent water from overflowing. Tresham offers built-in sinks in a wide range of colors. The sinks in the Bancroft collection are based on a base that has a streamlined triangular shape. The oval shape of the sink is surrounded by a rectangular base. The design feature allows more space for storage.

Kohler washbasin collections