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What are the best bedroom curtain ideas?

What are the best bedroom curtain ideas?

Bedroom curtain ideas with blinds

When choosing suitable bedroom curtain ideas, it can sometimes be a chore to navigate through different fabrics, colors, and many textures to find the appropriate style of window arrangement that can be combined with the interior design of the entire bedroom. It is a mistake to think that the ready-made models of curtains from magazines in your bedroom will look as perfect as they are in photos.

The same bedroom curtains don’t look the same in large and small rooms, narrow and wide windows on high and low ceilings. The architectural details of the room play an important role: ceiling beams and niches, pipes and electrical parts, protruding window sills and massive batteries. When sewing curtains yourself or ordering them in the salon, you need to take into account all these negative elements and include drapery and decor in the design for an additional distraction and redirection of attention.

The curtains in the bedroom are not only a decorative but also a functional part, as they protect the room from sunlight when you need to sleep well at night. The fabric structure of these curtains should be dense, but their design must allow easy opening and closing of the window. Choose a design and color for future curtains and carefully study the furniture in the bedroom. Curtains do not have to come to the fore or appear as a foreign body.

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