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The Benefits Of Having Venetian Blinds

The Benefits Of Having Venetian Blinds

INTRODUCTION: A venetian blind is a kind of window blind. Window blinds are used as coverings for windows. With the window blind, the ray of sunlight is prevented from coming in and one’s privacy is secured. The thing about a window blind is that the owner of a home does not want anything to pass through his window unless he wishes so. Window blinds comprises of different kinds of window coverings such as blinds, wood blinds, cellular shades, roller blinds, shutters etc.

VENETIAN BLINDS: A venetian blind is a blind with horizontal slats. These horizontal slats are two as there is one above and the other one below. A venetian blind is a slatted blind that is majorly made with plastic or metal. There are some venetian blinds that comprise of wooden slats; however these kinds of venetian blinds are scarce as wooden slats are mostly used by bamboo or wooden blinds.

The slats of a venetian blind are usually suspended tapes which are strip of clothes. An alternative to tapes are cords. When making use of cords, all the slats can be rotated together through almost 180 degrees.

These slats could be rotated in a way that they would overlap with a side faced inward and in the other direction in a way that they would overlap with the second side faced inward. Between these two extremes, multiple levels of separation could be achieved between the slats via the variation of the rotation.

Venetian blinds have lift cords that are passed through various slots in every slat. When the cords are being dragged, the blind’s bottom shifts upward thereby making the lowest slats press the following apex slat’s underside when the blind is raised.

KINDS OF VENETIAN BLINDS: There are different kinds of venetian blinds according to their sizes, materials and colors. Some of them include:

  1. 50mm white hardwood venetian blind
  2. 50mm oak hardwood venetian blind
  3. 50mm cream hardwood venetian blind
  4. 50mm acacia hardwood venetian blind
  5. Limed white 50mm faux wood venetian blind
  6. Glacier grey 50mm faux wood venetian blind
  7. 27mm white wooden venetian blind
  8. Dove grey 27mm hardwood venetian blind etc

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