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The Beauty of Contemporary Gardens Addition to a Home

The Beauty of Contemporary Gardens Addition to a Home

Gardening has been a long time practice even from the earlier days of time. The approach in gardening has however taken different changes as time passes from generation to generation. In the traditional times, informal practice of cottage gardening was predominant.

Gardening was practiced more for edible food products like ornamental fruits, vegetables, and herbs for medicinal value. Contemporary gardens, however, have shown more of aesthetic interest above edible plant cultivation. Flowers are the predominant plants in contemporary gardens.

Need to know the landscape nature of the area: If you are planning on have your own garden in this modern time, there is a need to be familiar with the nature of your compound’s soil. This will determine what will be suitable for your gardening culture.

Soils such as loamy or a mix of loamy and other types would readily be suitable for any cultivation. You may consult a landscape expert to evaluate this for you first. Also, your landscape type would have an effect on how your gardening should be panned out.

Designs in contemporary gardens: The designs in today’s gardens are divided into sections that are separated by edges and lawns. Gardens are usually divided into portions that hold different plant types. For example, a part can be plain grass like an open field. A ring can have a specific flower type aside grass. Edges can be made by using stones with similar shapes and sizes. These edges can be of the raised type or just the ground edging design with stones.

Plant types in contemporary gardens: Gardening is all about plants and flowers is the plant for the contemporary gardens. You should be mindful to know the type of plant you go for if biennial or the perennial type.

The flowers can be the crawlers, the grass or the high rising type. Flowers such as rose, sunflower and calendula are some flowers cultivated in some gardens. Other climber flowers and lush sweet smelling flowers like lavender can be a great addition to your collection for a beautiful garden design.

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