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A garden is a planned space that exists outdoors. Can be set aside for various projects like cultivating, display and to enjoy the plants obviously, the different forms of nature around a household or any other premises.

These are outdoor furniture specifically designed to stay outdoors. Materials used here tend to offer some resistance to weather but not completely. Many types of furniture are designed for this purpose.

It happens that the same materials could be used to make the interior sets of furniture, but that does not mean that they can apply in the same environmental conditions. There is a huge difference in functionality and application. Some of the types of garden furniture include;

Seating furniture: Garden furniture is usually sold in a set containing a table, four to six chairs. Outside meals can be taken while in these sets. In this game, it provides the necessities of comfort to the persons using them.

Temperature control garden sets: American garden umbrella is the perfect example of this. It is designed to provide shade during a sunny day. We have those parasols that are movable while others are not. Patio heaters are other a garden set; people ca sit around them to warm themselves. They can be mounted or be free to move. Tall clay chimneys of North America is one very relevant example of these temperature controllers.

 Accessories: These are those items that only offer support a team of people and enable them to enjoy. These might include birdbaths, plant stands, planter boxes, and trellises. These are all incorporated for aesthetic purposes and add details to the outdoor space.

Material used: In this type of furniture, we focus on the various materials employed in the manufacture of the components of a garden set. The commonly used material, though, is plastic. The reasons for this is that it is easily disposable, can be recycled, generally cheap and the items are light weight. Other materials are wood, aluminum, wrought iron, and wicker.  Some of these materials are highly resistant to corrosive fluids, rain, fire, and chemicals.