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Black and white bedroom – An
  Option So Classy and Decent

Black and white bedroom – An Option So Classy and Decent

These are not colors that always tug at your heart but sometimes simple somber shades make greater effects on your heart and mind. The places and objects that are special in your life like your bedroom or your car come in direct attention of you when you want to bring a change in colors around you. Black and white bedroom decorating theme is one of the top options that you can choose when your mood swings to a more calm stage.

The reason for this can be very ordinary like you wish a change or may be very personal and specific like you are feeling sad or bad about something happened to you. No matter what the reason is behind your liking of black and white bedroom design theme, let yourself go deep in finding and choosing what stands best in its place in your bedroom.

From Wall Décor to Floor Rugs
Starting from the walls of your bedroom, the first thing you do is to change the paint color. Either choose pure white without any traces of black or make a black wave with style in the middle of the wall behind your bed. Even the murals or framed picture on the wall must also carry the same theme. There are hundreds of bespoke decorating items for hanging on the walls that are created with black and white only. Choice is yours in size and style. The bed sheet and the blanket are the best part of all the idea.

You can pick sheets stripped or with dots but the blanket mostly comes in black and white wavy designs. Plain white sheet are also a good option but needs a black addition in any form possible like adding one pillow black among the two white or choose pure black blanket on a pure white sheet. You can find great designs in black and white floor rugs. Stripped are the most famous. Curtains are usually chosen white with some black addition.

Lighting in Your Black and White Bedroom
This part can be a bit tricky but you do not have to do much. Just get white florescent light bulbs to fix them in the sockets and remove any light that gives a yellow hue. Any yellow lightshade can spoil your black and white bedroom theme. You can especially choose some white lighting for décor purpose for your new bedroom theme and fix them as an additional décor idea.

Pure white shades of light can make your night time bright and even the black shades look beautiful in good light. To make the black look gorgeous, fix a light on any part that is black in your bedroom, for example, a black chair, a black chest etc. Create classy and decent black and white décor ideas on your own to enjoy being in your bedroom.

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