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How to Style Kids Dressers To
  Avoid Clutter

How to Style Kids Dressers To Avoid Clutter

Kids love to have for them what the elders have. The option of looking in the mirror and combing their hair and applying lotion or cream on the arms and face attracts kids greatly. They like to be like you in their room. Looking at their image in the mirror and setting their appearance before going out.

Kids’ dressers with mirrors are always the most practical choice for them. You have multiple options to get a stylish dresser that suits the rest of the decoration in the room. Most often the colorful and catchy dressers are the top choice of parents because kids tend to like them the most. The options are many for decorating them or making them more practical for your kids and here are few of them.

Arranging the Drawers for the Kid’s Stuff: One of the top drawers can be designated for the kid’s own specific precious findings. They learn that whatever they collect must be tucked away in the drawer to save the room from cluttering. The lower drawers are divided for his towels, T-shirts, trousers, shorts, socks, pajamas, bed-linen, etc.

You let him share with you the moments when you arrange his dresser’s drawers. He learns from you how to keep well disciple in his room. If the things get more than the space of storage, take out a few of them that are no more in use and keep the space comfortably wide – not stuffy and difficult to put clothes or take them out.

Keeping the Top Decorated and Uncluttered: This is your choice to decorate the top with a few things or leave it empty but there is one risk of leaving it empty and that is “cluttering.” Empty space invites the kids to pile up their extra stuff there. The messy top of a dresser is an eye sore and kids do not learn to keep up the aesthetic appeal of their room.

Hang a big nicely framed mirror if the dresser has come without one. Place on it a few books, toys, a box, a vase etc. keeping the place spick and span with a mirror on top, becomes obvious with that. You can place a lovely beautiful tray there designated for little things that kids instantly put on the top of the dresser like a key, headphones, a small jewelry piece etc. This way you can keep the room decoration at its best without any clutter around.

Kids’ dressers are a part of the most essential furniture in their room. You can make a source of style and functionality at the same time. Choose matching color and design dressers and keep it well-decorated and arranged with the help of your kid to let him enjoy his room!