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Kitchen Garden Or Bon Appetite

Kitchen Garden Or Bon Appetite

Each family has individual taste preferences, but in common we all love tasty food. Reasonable use of aromatic plants not only significantly improves the taste of food, but also has a positive effect on health of people.

How To Start? The first thing you need to think about is your family preferences. It will help you to make a decision of what herbs do you need and it`s quantity, shape of the garden, place for it. One should not forget about the decorative features of kitchen  garden.

Use original containers, and other items of garden architecture, which will make it unique and attractive. Many spice plants grow better by seedling method, for example, celery, oregano and basil. When buying seeds, find plants that are perfectly adapted to the conditions of open ground. Advantages of the seedlings – a well-developed root system, the accelerated development of the vegetative mass and reduced the period until harvest.

Where Should You Place Your Garden? Everything depends on space, wishes, conditions. For owners of the land it is important to determine the place of the garden layout. The approach to the garden  should be free, as a “reserve” of herbs should be available at any time. Classic kitchen garden can be considered as a mini-garden on the windowsill, and maxi beds in industrial areas.

Mini-garden on the windowsill with proper care will ensure an uninterrupted supply of spices, regardless of the season. One should use phyto-lamps in case the plant needs extra light. Regular watering, feeding and nourishing daily illumination are three rules that guarantee the availability of fresh greens in the kitchen. On the windowsill, you can safely grow green onions, dill, parsley, basil, spinach, and mint.

The herbs can be kept on the balcony. They are planted in containers, as well as common room flowers. Since different types of plants need individual care, one cannot plant them in the same container.

Conclusion: Kitchen garden is very useful especially for those families who like to have fresh herbs, special aroma adding to everyday food which make it more delicious.

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