Saturday , 18 May 2024


ROOF GARDEN: Roof gardens are gardens that are found on roof tops. These gardens are usually on top of a building. They are quite different from other kinds of gardens which are usually situated either in front of a building or at the back yard. Roof gardens do not require much space and also ensure privacy.

In normal situations, people could just enter a normal garden that is situated besides a building. But when the garden is on top of a building, most people would not know that there is a garden there and hence won’t be able to just enter the garden anyhow.

Roof gardens are usually very lovely and beautiful. It usually comprise of beautiful and lovely flowers, shrubs and beautiful décor. Apart from these, there are pieces of furniture in the roof garden in order to make a person’s stay very comfortable. When one sits in roof garden, he is able to enjoy the cool breeze and lovely ventilation.

Staying on top of a building, one would definitely enjoy more fresh air compared to sitting in garden that is on ground. Furthermore, one could enjoy the beautiful view at nights. Staying in roof garden, it makes one have a closer look of the stars and moon in the sky. When one sits in a roof garden, he could be able to have a wonderful view of the things in his environment.

BENEFITS OF ROOF GARDEN: Having a roof garden is very beneficial. Some of its benefits include:

  1. Refuge: when one sits in a roof garden, he is able to look down at the environment and have a view of the things happening. Having this kind of view is less threatening and also quite interesting.
  2. Well-being: in most urban environments, areas of private doors are scarce. Hence one could take advantage of his roof garden which would be very beneficial to his well being, both physical and mental.
  3. Entertaining: one can get entertained and also get to entertain friends and family in the roof garden. People could just sit, relax, gist and have fun.

CONCLUSION: Roof gardens are lovely and quite rare. Having a roof garden would make one’s building very classy and stylish.

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