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Materials used for rustic window treatments

Materials used for rustic window treatments

Waverly rustic retreat window treatments
Rustic style is a perfect offering for those who love nature and simplicity, and rustic window treatments are a good challenge for artisans. This style doesn’t allow plastic or other man-made things into the house. Everything is based on natural materials, mainly wood and stone, there are curtains and linen – only natural fabrics. To insulate the interior, you can use linen or cotton. Avoid excessive decorations, which are acceptable in small decorative elements.

Be moderate and stick to natural things and style, and you can get a really cozy, original interior. Handmade rustic style window decorations look best. You can decorate homemade rough curtains with some original uses: it will make your home look cozier and warmer. The materials that you can choose to use to make these curtains are only natural. They are: linen, cotton, textile, coated fabrics, even rough sacks. Flax is highly valued in European countries and the USA, rustic linen treatments for windows are very popular. A classic rustic element is a wooden panel.

A special chic is an independently manufactured panel. Nautical and rustic styles can be combined and become a unit. Old canvas, fishing nets, ropes – all of these things can be turned into original DIY window decorations in a rustic style. Wooden and bamboo blinds are also acceptable: it’s better to combine them with curtains. However, these window treatments can be installed without additional curtains.

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