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Your bathroom Floor Tiles Can
  Make Great Difference

Your bathroom Floor Tiles Can Make Great Difference

Are you renovating your bathroom and feeling totally clueless about which tile should you use that is both practical and fashionable? We are going to discuss some of the most popular tiles that are available in the market now, from where you can choose the one that fits the most. So let`s take a look on the bathroom floor tiles option we have here.

Vinyl Tiles
This is the most popular choice when it comes to floor tiles. This is because of its high durability and high degree of practicality. It is also cost effective and easy to install. When I say it is cost effective I mean it is like 0.95$ per square foot cheap. However, some people say that it may not reflect the luxurious style that they are seeking for in their bathroom. Still remains one of the most popular bathroom floor tiles options.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles
We all know that those two are not easy to install (please, just don`t try to do it yourself), as vinyl tiles can only be installed using an adhesive material and a utility knife, the ceramic and porcelain are much more complicated. They are also not as comfortable as the vinyl to the bare foot, especially when the weather is not warm. On the other hand, let`s admit that it just gives an amazing finish look to your bathroom. It is considered the most commonly used bathroom floor tiles worldwide.

Plastic Laminate Tiles
One of the most preferable choices for décor designers when they are seeking for space saving solutions I plastic laminate tiles. The laminates don`t raise the height of the floor significantly as other options do. It also provides your bathroom with a very classy look. The disadvantage of using it though is water leakage that can cause serious damage to the floor. Water infiltrates the laminate easily causing them to expand and buckle. Therefore it is really important to caulk the gaps around the tub and along the walls. There is a limited variety too when it comes to the laminate tiles.

Stone Tiles
Limestone, granite, marble and slate – stone tiles have usually been used in other rooms than the bathroom. Usually the foyer, but the new trend is installing it in bathrooms, too. There is a wide variety of stones that you can use and that can give you a lot of colors and patterns if you want to. The dark side is the regular maintenance that the floor will need (more than any other category) such as cleaning and sealing.
There are a lot of bathroom floor tiles options as you can see, make sure when choosing that you are keeping in mind all the factors such as practicality, pricing, ease of installation and of course how fashionable it is.

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