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Make your Deck come Anew with Cool Deck Stain Colors

Make your Deck come Anew with Cool Deck Stain Colors

A brief about deck stains: Decks appear to show some signs of long use after some time. This can be caused by weather elements and the age of the deck. The surging heat of the sun in the summer and the pours of the spring rain can affect your deck’s condition over time. Great to know that this can be corrected with the provisions of stains to bring the deck back anew again. Deck stains are chemical compositions just like paints for buildings. They are made to rejuvenate the look of the deck and make it appear as if just constructed. In applying deck stains to your deck, you have some types of the application you may want to consider if that would be suitable for you.

Types of deck stain application: Solid stain application

The solid stain type is an application that does not get absorbed totally by the deck. It is just like the application of paint on a surface. This type of paint is good if you observe some discoloration on your deck. Solid stain covers the grain of the wood which may not be desired. Another disadvantage of this stain type is that they are capable of cracking and peeling.

Clear stain application: This is just the opposite of solid stain application in a way. In this case, the grains are not covered when applied. This is for a reason that clear stains compositions have no oils and pigments.

Semi-transparent stain: This will also keep the grain status as well but they are known to apply some colors to your deck.

Applying deck stain colors rightly: Deck stain colors differ according to what your style of deck is in the application choice. You have to match your intended color with your home design especially the exterior outlook of the home. Natural looking stain colors like brown or the dark reddish brown color are great for the stain application. Applying deck stain colors on your deck maintains the look of your deck, serves as a treatment against fungi, rot, and decay.